Numbers in Amharic

How to count in Amharic, a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Amharic (አማርኛ, āmariññā) belongs to the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic languages. Official language of Ethiopia, it counts about 25.6 million speakers. It is written in the Amharic Fidel, or writing system, which is an evolution of the Ge’ez abugida. Amharic is also considered a holy language of the Rastafari.

Amharic4Rastafari - Geez NumbersLet’s get familiar with the Amharic Numeral Symbols and other things like basic words and some grammar.

In this post we’re going to talk about ቁጥሮች Numbers, which are one of the first things we learn when studying a new language, at least how to count from 1 to 10. Numbers in Amharic have their own characters. Today the Arabic numbers are widely used in Ethiopia, the traditional notation is also used. To start we’re going to list the numbers from 1 to 10 with their writing and pronunciation.

Cardinal Ordinal
0   ዜሮ (zero)  
1 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 1 አንዶ And አንድ (and) አንደኛ (andäňa)
2 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 2 ሁለት hulätt ሁለት (hulätt) ሁለተኛ (hulättäňa)
3 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 3 ሶስት sost ሶስት (sost) ሶስተኛ (sostäňa)
4 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 4 አራት aratt አራት (aratt) አራተኛ (arattäňa)
5 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 5 አምስት amməst አምስት (amməst) አምስተኛ (amməstäňa)
6 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 6 ስዶዶስት səddəst ድስት (səddəst) ስድስተኛ (səddəstäňa)
7 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 7 ሰባት säbatt ሰባት (säbatt) ሰባተኛ (säbattäňa)
8 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 8 ስምንት səmmənt ስምንት (səmmənt) ስምንተኛ (səmməntäňa )
9 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 9 ዘጠኝ zäṭäňň ዘጠኝ (zäṭäňň) ዘጠነኛ (zäṭäňňäňa)
10 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 10 አስር assər አስር (assər) አስረኛ (assəräňa)
11 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 11 አስራ አንድ asra and አስራ አንድ (asra and) አስራ አንደኛ (asra andäňa)
12 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 12 አስራ ሁለት asra hulätt አስራ ሁለት (asra hulätt) አስራ ሁለትኛ (asra hulättäňa)
13 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 13 አስራ ሶስት asra sost አስራ ሶስት (asra sost) አስራ ሶስተኛ (asra sostäňa)
14 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 14 አስራ አራት asra aratt አስራ አራት (asra aratt)  
15 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 15 አስራ አምስት asra amməst አስራ አምስት (asra amməst)  
16 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 16 አስራ ስድስት asra səddəst አስራ ስድስት (asra səddəst)  
17 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 17 አስራ ሰባት asra säbatt አስራ ሰባት (asra säbatt)  
18 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 18 አስራ ስምንት asra səmmənt አስራ ስምንት (asra səmmənt)  
19 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 19 አስራ ዘጠኝ asra zäṭäňň አስራ ዘጠኝ (asra zäṭäňň)  
20 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 20 ሀያ haya ሀያ (haya)  
30 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 230 ሰላሳ sälasa ሰላሳ (sälasa)  
40 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 40 አርባ arba አርባ (arba)  
50 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 50 ሀምሳ hamsa ሀምሳ (hamsa)  
60 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 60 ስልሳ səlsa ስልሳ (səlsa)  
70 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 70 ሰባ säba ሰባ (säba)  
80 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 80 ሰማንያ sämaňa ሰማንያ (sämaňa)  
90 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 90 ዘጠና zäṭena ዘጠና (zäṭena)  
100 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 100 መቶ mäto መቶ (mäto)  
1,000 Numbers in Amharic ኣማርኛ 1000 ሺ ši ሺ (ši)  

Examples: To say 24 for example we must say “20-4” or “haya aratt” 204, 47 would be “40-7” or “arba säbatt” 407 and so on. In the numbers from 11 to 19 instead of saying “assïir” for the number ten, you say “asra” and the number from 1 to 9  that corrensponds, for example 10-3, “asra sost” for 13. 

For the hundreds the process is similar, for example if we want to say 536, we will say “5-100-30-6”, or “ammïst mäto sälasa sïddïst” 5100306 . 

Finally if we want to say 1985, we’ll say “10-9-100-80-5” or “asra zät’äñ mäto sämanya ammïst” 109100805.

Amharic For Rastafari #Amharic4Rastafari Red DividerAmharic Numbers List

1፩ – አንድ (and) 8፰ – ስምንት (sïmïnt) 15 ፲፭ – አስራ አምስት (asra amïst) 40 ፵ – አርባ (arba)
2፪ – ሁለት (hulät) 9፱ – ዘጠኝ (zät’äñ) 16 ፲፮ – አስራ ስድስት (asra sïdïst) 50 ፶ – ኃምሳ (hamsa)
3፫ – ሶስት (sost) 10፲ – አስር (asïr) 17 ፲፯ – አስራ ሰባት (asra säbat) 60 ፷ – ስልሳ (sïlsa)
4፬ – አራት (arat) 11፲፩ – አስራ አንድ (asra and) 18 ፲፰ – አስራ ስምንት (asra sïmïnt) 70 ፸ – ሰባ (säba)
5፭ – አምስት (amïst) 12፲፪ – አስራ ሁለት (asra hulät) 19 ፲፱ – አስራ ዘጠኝ (asra zät’äñ) 80 ፹ – ሰማንያ (sämanya)
6፮ – ስድስት (sïdïst) 13፲፫ – አስራ ሶስት (asra sost) 20 ፳ – ሃያ (haya) 90 ፺ – ዘጠና (zät’äna)
7፯ – ሰባት (säbat) 14 ፲፬ – አስራ አራት (asra arat) 30 ፴ – ሰላሳ (sälasa) 100 ፻ – መቶ (mäto)
      1,000 ፼ – ሺህ (ših)

Amharic Numbering Rules

  • Digits from zero to nine are specific words, namely zero (ዜሮ) [0], and (አንድ) [1], hulät (ሁለት) [2], sost (ሶስት) [3], arat (አራት) [4], amïst (አምስት) [5], sïdïst (ስድስት) [6], säbat (ሰባት) [7], sïmïnt (ስምንት) [8], and zät’äñ (ዘጠኝ) [9].
  • From eleven to nineteen, the numbers are formed starting with a form of the word for ten (asra, አስራ), followed by the unit name separated with a space: asra and (አስራ አንድ) [11], asra hulät (አስራ ሁለት) [12], asra sost (አስራ ሶስት) [13], asra arat (አስራ አራት) [14], asra amïst (አስራ አምስት) [15], asra sïdïst (አስራ ስድስት) [16], asra säbat(አስራ ሰባት) [17], asra sïmïnt (አስራ ስምንት) [18], and asra zät’äñ (አስራ ዘጠኝ) [19].
  • Even if the tens are not formed in a regular way, we can still get a gist of the multiplier digit behind their name: asïr (አስር) [10], haya (ሃያ) [20], sälasa (ሰላሳ) [30], arba (አርባ) [40], hamsa (ኃምሳ) [50], sïlsa (ስልሳ) [60], säba(ሰባ) [70], sämanya (ሰማንያ) [80], and zät’äna (ዘጠና) [90].
  • The compound numbers above twenty-one are formed starting with the ten, followed by the unit name separated with a space (e.g.: hamsa arat (ኃምሳ አራት) [54], säba sïmïnt (ሰባ ስምንት) [78]).
  • Hundreds are formed by stating the multiplier digit before the word for hundred (mäto, መቶ) separated with a space, except for one hundred where it is optional: (and) mäto ((አንድ) መቶ) [100], hulät mäto (ሁለት መቶ) [200], sost mäto (ሶስት መቶ) [300], arat mäto (አራት መቶ) [400], amïst mäto (አምስት መቶ) [500], sïdïst mäto (ስድስት መቶ) [600], säbat mäto (ሰባት መቶ) [700], sïmïnt mäto (ስምንት መቶ) [800], and zät’äñ mäto (ዘጠኝ መቶ) [900].
  • Thousands are formed by stating the multiplier digit before the word for thousand (ših, ሺህ) separated with a space, except for one thousand where it is optional: (and) ših ((አንድ) ሺህ) [1,000] (the form ši (ሺ) can also be encountered), hulät ših (ሁለት ሺህ) [2,000], sost ših (ሶስት ሺህ) [3,000], arat ših (አራት ሺህ) [4,000], amïst ših(አምስት ሺህ) [5,000], sïdïst ših (ስድስት ሺህ) [6,000], säbat ših (ሰባት ሺህ) [7,000], sïmïnt ših (ስምንት ሺህ) [8,000], and zät’äñ ših (ዘጠኝ ሺህ) [9,000].
  • The word for million is miliyon (ሚሊዮን).

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